November 19, 2012

EIFS & Stone Veneer

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What is Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)?

There are many types of stucco on the market, but the most common types are the hard-coat stucco and the EIFS, also known as synthetic stucco.  There are different types of EIFS, however the most common type used on residential construction is Polymer-Based (PB) EIFS which indicates that the coating of the stucco contains a substantial amount of polymer (plastic resin) that strengthens and seals the coating; it is  comprised of three layers that are applied to the exterior wall.  1st application is the insulation layer (over a gypsum board, wood sheathing, plywood or OSB); 2nd application is the basecoat, 3rd application is followed with the synthetic finish coat.

(EIFS description summarized from “Moisture Warranty Corporation”).

What is Manufactured Stone Veneer (MSV)?

There are various types of exterior stone claddings on residential and commercial properties – one of the currently most popular is Manufactured Stone Veneer or MSV. This is a “lightweight, architectural, non load-bearing product that is manufactured by wet cast blending cementitious materials and aggregates, with or without pigments, admixtures, or other materials to simulate the appearance of natural stone and other masonry materials.” Also, “it is important to point out that waterproofing details and characteristics of synthetic stone veneer are functionally similar to those of traditional stucco.”

(MSV description summarized from ASTM C1780 for Adhered Manufactured Stone Veneer & Synthetic Stone Veneer, How to Avoid Problems).

How can the consultants at AMEI help me?

Whether you are investing in a new property, want to maintain your current property, or have specific concerns regarding moisture intrusion, the Certified Consultants at American Metropolitan Environmental, Inc. can conduct the thorough inspection.  This inspection will identify specific moisture levels within the EIFS and areas of damage or potential for damage; identify issues with the exterior Stone Veneer, and provide you with a comprehensive report to help you understand the current conditions of the exterior cladding(s).