October 9, 2012

Env. Site Assessments

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What is an ESA Phase I?

Basically, Environmental Site Assessments (or ESA) is a process of researching the history of a property, and determine the existance of environmental hazards, if any (such as contaminated soil or ground water, etc.).  Phase 1 environmental reports are prepared for real estate and business transactions such as land purchases, building purchases, leases, business purchases, new residential developments and bank loans for such properties.

The Phase 1 report should adhere to ASTM Standard E-1527-13 and ASTM E1528-14 in order to provide Landowner Liability Protection, Due Diligence: Transaction Screen, and to discover any unknown environmental problems at the property.

American Metropolitan Environmental Inc. Phase 1 ESA reports adhere to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E-1527-13.  This ASTM standard adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency All Appropriate Inquiries Rule, codified into the federal regulations by the EPA (40 CFR Part 312).

This type of Phase 1 Environmental report is the one required by lenders and is highly recommended prior to purchasing commercial or industrial real estate, or prior to starting new residential developments.

Do I need a Phase I?

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reports should be conducted any time you purchase a commercial or industrial property, and is also recommended when purchasing undeveloped, vacant land.  If you are purchasing a property in or adjacent to a commercial area or next to a service station, dry cleaners or other environmentally sensitive business, you should have a Phase I report performed on the property prior to taking title on it.

AMEI is certified by the Environmental Assessment Association (EAA), and is qualified to perform Phase 1, and limited Phase 2, environmental site assessments.

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